Get involved as an individual or an organisation

Get involved - As an individual

At this moment we need support from the ground up, we need people who are seeing the potential of this technology and can journey with us as we take it to the farmers of Africa. We estimate to invest and pay back the equipment cost will be about £30 per acre over 4 years. At the same time helping farmers to achieve yield and income of between £200 and £300 per acre. Plus sequester Carbon.

So a £30 ‘Seed Capital’ donation would be a great first step

Get Involved  - Organisations and Corporate Partners

If these innovations below align with your company values, then we need to be talking.

  • reduce risk for the African farmers,  
  • move to safeguard their livelihoods,
  • give a positive outcome for the environment and planet,
  • promote entrepreneurship in young people.

Alone. Mick and Gary of Carbon farmer have got it this far.

The next steps start and build from

  • Sponsorship of individual kits for young entrepreneurs. (£50,000)
  • Increasing workshop capacity to ensure enough kits are available. (£100,000+)
  • Increasing extension and training to apply this technology to its best. (£250,000+)
  • Increase investigation and look how to apply this technology and ideas further. (£100,000+)
  • Setting up centres in various areas for introduction, training and maintaining. (£300,000+)
  • Increasing Carbon Farmer capacity to service a district, a region, a country, a continent. (£100,000 - £1m+)

WATCH THE VIDEO of our vision of Carbon Farming