Mick Dennis reviewing his crop in Tanzania with Gary Lewis of Bio Active

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Mick Dennis using the emission injection technology into the fields of chubi

It all started a year ago when Mick Dennis from Colac, VICTORIA (who lives and farms in Tanzania) contacted Gary Lewis about entering Bio-Agtiveā„¢ into the African Enterprise Challenge where he placed first out of 250 contestants and granted $400,000 of which he has to repay 50% after 3 years. "A big thank you to Barb and Gary Lewis, for their recent visit to Tanzania. Results are showing the Exhaust Emmisions technology with Bio-agtive DOES WORK. Mick and Gary conducted extensive research on a field trip to Kondoa, Hanang and Manyara region. Soil samples are showing that the emissions are feeding the plants with greater nutrition and therefore accommodating better uptake and healthier plants... enabling food security!" -Field Masters Help Bio-Agtive support a third world farmer today! Help them get the education and ability to build food security sustainably by going to CO2X.com today! To learn more about exhaust, costs and the Bio-Agtive method visit: